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Click on any of the images below to be taken to your vehicle-specific rack page and to get an idea of pricing.   These pages are intended to give you an idea of pricing specific to your vehicle. All racks can be made with multiple options, and it’s next to impossible to update the site to include every possible configuration. For specific requests and questions, you are encouraged to contact us at the link below, and we'll work with you on your custom rack build.

Some pages are set up with a “buy now” option, allowing you to accelerate the process of creating your custom rack. In all cases, we’ll contact you back to confirm exactly what rack we’re making, insuring there are no surprises and allowing for additional changes and adjustments to fit your needs.

To learn more about main features of Gamiviti racks, please continue to browse the content below.

The images above are just a sample of some of our recent installs.   Many more pictures can be found gallery page, and the individual product pages.  Racks are built to order, starting with the basic template then adding the right combination of options for you.  While we may occasionally have an extra rack on hand, we do not typically stock racks.  So if you contact us asking if you can pick one up tomorrow, or have one shipped this weekend, odds are fairly good that answer will be no.   This is not a buy it now, impulsive, reactive purchase decision, but rather those who choose a Gamiviti rack enjoy the build process and customization opportunity, and appreciate being able to contribute to the process, knowing this is a modification they'll be reminded of every time they walk up to their vehicle.

This what you can expect from every Gamiviti roof rack.  

  • 1" OD .065" wall hot rolled electric welded tubing.

  • Slotted mounting plates- not only allowing for multiple install positions, but providing additional accessory mounting locations as well.

  • Professionally Tig welded seams and joints. We guarantee the welds on your rack, forever.

  • Internal sleeves at every butt joint. We prefer to keep the diameter of the tubing small, consistent, and not draw attention to the joining of pieces.

  • Priority on low profile- our goal is to always keep the main plane of your rack low and flat, so your rack is as useful driving home from Ikea or the Home Depot, as it is headed down to Canyonlands.

To get get familiar with the options available, please read through the build guide below.  Then to get started on your custom Gamiviti rack, just fill out a few fields on the contact page, and we'll be in touch.

After you have confirmed all of your rack details, you can use this button to make your payment.  

Building your Gamiviti Rack.   We'll do our best to walk you through the basic process here...  

The rack build starts with the basic unfinished "flat rack" platform.   Towers are matched to your vehicle, and sold separately, along with matching hardware to connect the towers and racks.  

Next you choose how many towers per side you want to run.   Most racks use 3 per side, and for some vehicles (GX470 120 series, for example) that's all you can do.   But for other trucks, like the 60, 80, 100, or 200 series Land Cruisers, we also offer 4 towers per side.  To do this, we add a 4th plate to the rack- spaced uniformly on vehicles with rain gutters, and placed over the stock mounting location on vehicles with roof channels.  Price for the additional plates is $75, plus the additional pair of towers and hardware.

Your next decision is to choose the size of the Expo bar, and if you wnat to run it up or down.   We offer 5 options for this, pictured above, from nothing to wrapped all the way around.  Here's a little more of a description of each.

No Expo: like it sounds, just the flat rack. + $0

Expo: Smallest Expo option, this gives you the bar across the front, extending backwards about 18", tapering off just behind the first set of towers. When run up the Expo rack provides a taller platform to mount lighting, tree limb risers, and containment of gear up front. When run down, it's a structure to support a fairing, as well as a grab handle for the driver and passenger. +$75

Expo+: Medium sized, all the features of the small Expo, but this one continues back until just behind the rear doors. This offers grab handles for rear passengers when run down, and even more gear containment up top when run up. +$100

Expo++: Large sized, everything you've read about the others and more, now extending to the rear towers, so you have a grab handle even while standing on the rear tire when the Expo bar is down, and full gear containment on the sides when run up. This is our most popular option. +$125

Expo+++: Basically taking the Expo bar all the way around the rack, including the back. We add a lower piece for this, so the rack can still be run down, however this does create an interference with reverse lights. +$175

Now we're at one of the more difficult decisions of the entire build- do you want a sunroof cutout?  Before you answer, know first that if you have a factory installed sunroof your Gamiviti rack allows for full operation of that, including tilt mode, without any extra cutout whatsoever.   So if you want to have that additional cross bar on your rack to hold gear, and you don't plan on using your sunroof as an escape hatch, or if you don't have a sunroof, then you could probably skip this one.   But if you'd prefer to leave that area over the sunroof unobstructed, the sunroof cutout option is for you.   $50.

How about a floor or basket?  We have 3 options for a grid floor or basket, which we call the "half grid," "full grid," and "drop-down basket."  Note that the full grid isn't the really the full rack, it stops at the cross bar behind the sunroof.   The benefit of these grid is smaller items won't fall through, and you can catch a toe on one when walking around on top of your rack, for better stability.  They also offer almost unlimited tie-down locations for straps and bungees.  Downside of the grids is they add weight, and they can also catch the hooks of straps or ends of cords, sometimes making unloading more cumbersome.   The drop-down basket takes up the same 3-crossbar space as the half grid.  The difference with this option is the basket area sits 1.5" lower than the top plane of the rack, so looser items have a spot to settle in a little better.  This size also fits many rooftop cargo bags (Gamiviti cargo bags coming soon!).  On all of these options, we ask how you intend to run your rack- either Expo up or Expo down, then weld the 1/4" solid round stock to the other side of the rack, keeping the top plane flat ready for your RTT, other gear, or next Home Depot run.    Half grid is $75, full grid $125, and drop-down basket $175.

Lighting and light tabs.  We start this process by including the first 4 light tabs with your rack purchase.   Most folks will opt to run 2 on the front of the main flat rack hoop, facing in, for a light bar.   Then 2 near the back corners for reverse lights.   But we can add as many as you want, wherever you want.  Included in this decision are the side gussets for the Expo bar- little triangles with a hole where you can later attach a strap or bolt on a shovel or jack.  Most of the Expo bars have this feature added.  We also stock 2 styles of light tabs, as shown above, using the smaller one by default.  Pricing on any of these, after the first 4, is $10 each.

Gussets.  If you are getting an Expo bar, particularly if that bar is going to be run down, then consider some side gussets.   These little triangles are welded to the posts that connect your main hoop to the Expo bar, providing another attachment point for straps and bungees, and also a new place to bolt your shovel, jack, or other accessory item.  These work well when combined with QuickFist clamps.  

Small Expo racks can accept 1 per side, medium Expo+ racks and smaller 120 series racks get up to 3 per side, and the Expo++ and Expo+++ for the 60, 80, 100, and 200's take up to 4 per side.  We can also mount these elsewhere on the rack if you need a creative way to attach a larger light bar or something.   Same price as the light tabs, $10 each.

The light bar drop-down feature is another Gamiviti original, and how we "frame in" the 39.5" light bar behind your roof rack.   This setup has multiple advantages, the most noteworthy being  protection of your light bar, complete shadowing of the light inside the vehicle, and ability to add a custom "flip-up" or "snap on" fairing feature.  Light bars on a roof rack is just about everyone's first impulse.. and we're proud to be originators of this feature with these unique set of benefits.   Too often a light bar on the rack can light up the windshield, the dash, and all of the inside passengers- taking a lot of the fun away from being out at night.  But the location of the single row combo bar, and lower drop bar of the Gamiviti Expo is positioned just right to shield that light, with the light beginning about midway down the hood.  This means you don't get any light inside the cab, but still get all of it down the road.  

Two options for this- we can taper the Expo bar along the side to create the space needed in front, or we can cut out the middle cross bar and jog it down 1".   Advantage of the cut version is the side bars run parallel (for looks) and you get the custom look in front of the framed-in light bar.   Advantage of the tapered version is the side Expo bars are not parallel, the bottom one follows the roof line of the vehicle a little more, plus no cutting in front so no need to charge extra for this feature.   Original cut-style drop down feature is $50.

A wind fairing is a fantastic way to reduce the wind noise that often comes with a rack install, also reduce overall drag to help with MPG's, and of course hide that light bar when you're not using it.  Our fairings were designed, by us, to bolt to your Gamiviti rack in one of three ways; the first is a simple pipe clamp "bolt on" system that uses standard rubber-lined clamps to secure the fairing.   The second is our exclusive "snap on" system, which when combined with the drop-down feature for the light bar, uses custom designed clips to hold the fairing in place, yet allows for an almost instant removal when you need the fairing removed.   And finally, we offer a variety of custom combinations of mounting, to compliment more custom light bar and Expo bar setups, by request.  Pricing on the fairing starts at $50 for the bolt on, and $90 for the snap on.

Side Cutouts are the features that allow you can run any size Expo bar, facing down, on a vehicle equipped with rain gutters, like a 60 or 80 series Land Cruiser.  What we do is miter cut the Expo bar out at the mounting plates, allowing space for the rain gutter tower at those locations.  The result is a segmented side bar, gusseted at each right angle, giving passengers the grab handles, giving you the additional utility of the side features, and allowing you to run any size Expo rack at the lowest possible height.  Sold in pairs (one on each side of the truck), side cutouts are $50 each. 


Now that you are more familiar with the main options available, think about which ones you'd like to see on your custom Gamiviti rack, then to get started on your build, just fill out a few fields on the contact page, and we'll be in touch.