Racks for your lexus gx460 and gx470

Lexus GX models in many ways are a blend between Land Cruisers and 4Runners, made specific for the US market. 2003-2008 is based on the Prado 120 series platform, and in the US is considered the Lexus GX470. And 2009-present years are based on the Prado 150, named GX460 for the US market. We are pleased to offer an original Gamiviti roof rack for each of them.

The racks are not the same. The older GX470 roof is a little bit narrower, so we make the 470 racks 48” wide, while the 460 racks are 49” wide.. also the tower spacing is different; it’s close, but not the same. What that means is yes, you could technically put one rack onto the other, but you may need a drill to get the towers to bolt to the rack. The actual towers are the same though, same as the 200 series, and both racks can accept all of the other rack features and accessories also. Please be sure to specify which model you have when inquiring, so we are sure to match your rack to your vehicle.

Like every Gamiviti rack, all racks allow for full function of the factory sunroof, rear door, and rear hatch. Grid floors, drop baskets, sunroof openings & sunroof grids are also an option. And of course all of the other Gamiviti accessories will bolt up also, including custom fairings, lights, and awning attachments. The images below should give you an idea of what is possible, and a good preview of how this will look on your GX.

For pricing inquiries, easiest way to get a specific quote is to email us an inquiry. You can also get a general idea using the links below, separated by Expo bar style.