Roof Rack Accessories

Here are even more unique options available for customizing your Gamiviti roof rack, and adding even more functionality to the platform.   

Adding Yakima/Thule products

We all own them, have used them, so why not continue to enjoy them by bolting them up to your Gamiviti rack.    This is easy to do by making some spacers to go around the 1" bars of the Gamiviti rack and cross bars.    

  1. Get some sprinkler line, and cut off a couple 1-2" sections
  2. Slit the sections lenghwise, then slide them over the rack bars where you want to mount the accessory.   
  3. Install the accessory, as if it were on a larger 1.125" bar.



Cross Bars

Custom-made, bolt-on cross bars provide a new set of accessory mounting options.   These bars bolt directly to the plates of your Gamiviti rack, using the same matching stainless hardware, and stand about 4" above the top plane of your rack.   Some of the uses and advantages to adding cross bars include...

  • Allow for the installation of rooftop tents on racks that run the Expo bar "up."   These bars allow the RTT to open over the top of the Expo bar.
  • Allow for installation of some aftermarket accessories that require the accessory to extend below the top plane of the rack, including some bike racks and cargo boxes.
  • Provide a space below a RTT for storage of smaller items.   This is even more useful on racks where a drop-down basket has been added.
  • Serve as an easier tie-down option for some boats and kayaks, where it's advantagous to have them raised slightly above the main rack plane.   
  • Transition the installation of a RTT from under the RTT, to outside the tent, where it's much easier to manipulate the nuts and bolts.   
  • When left on the RTT, provide an easier means to carry and hang the RTT in storage.  

Cross Bar Riser Feet

Make your cross bars taller.   These riser feet add another 4" of height to your cross bars.    Comes with matching stainless hardware, powder coated to match, ready to bolt under your cross bars, $60 for a set of 4.   Uses include:

  • Securing a boat or stand-up paddleboard, over a RTT.
  • Raising a RTT enough to stow curf boards or SUP's underneath.
  • Positioning a bike rack or other accessory over another accessory.   Example- putting Rotopax underneath your bike racks.  

Sunroof Opening fillers

Here's a new solution to an old issue- you went with the sunroof opening because you enjoy the view of the stars, or like to use that opening to bolt on your RTT, or maybe you just want the piece of mind of retaining an emergency exit.   But then you bolt on your RTT, and realize you're out of roof rack space.   Introducing the sunroof opening filler- leave it on all the time, or leave in in the garage only to be pulled out for those trips where you need to load up with gear.   Two styles are available, a panel version made from bent and welded sheet metal, and a grid version, made from all steel angle and round stock.   The panel version can be bolted to any existing 80 or 100 series Gamiviti rack that has the sunroof opening.   The Grid version can be fit to any rack, but must be ordered at the time of rack purchase, since we add light tabs to the perimeter of the sunroof opening to secure it.   Panel version is $120, grid version $150, both come with all the hardware you need to load up and go.   Here are some other key differences...

Panel Version

  • Can be made to hinge open, which means you can push it up from the inside without tools.
  • Provides shade to the sunroof, making the glass and cabin area noticably cooler.
  • Installation uses rubber-coated pipe clamps, as well as Gamiviti's custom stainless clamps.   Same hardware we provide with the bolt-on and snap-on fairings.

Grid Version

  • The stronger of the two..  while both are certainly strong enough to sit on and hold camping gear, you can stand on the grid without issue.  
  • Can still see through it from inside, when there's nothing on top of it. 
  • Bolts on, so no provision for being able to open from the inside without tools. 

Every accessory ships for free when you purchase with your rack.   We will literally bolt these up to your rack and ship them as one unit.    Shipping is also available, should you wish to add an accessory to a Gamiviti rack you already own.   Please email us which products you are interested in and we can confirm costs.  

Awning receiver brackets and lights all have their own page.   So please use one of these links to access them, or you can always get there from the main Products page.