The Gamiviti story

Gamiviti started out with a couple friends, a shared passion for upgrading their Toyota Land Cruisers, and a desire to learn more about product development.   Our first product was the the clear bumper lenses for ARB bumpers.   This was followed by some custom 3D Printed parts, mostly various dashboard gizmos like mic holders and swith bezels, a fun outlet for creativity, a unique method for modifying our own vehicles, and a great proving ground for design practice and learing more about managing supply chains.    This was and continues to be a fun creative outlet, for people already well versed in quality, welding, and fabrication, as we continue to put some of those real world skills to use on our own hobby.

We all wanted roof racks for our trucks, and so this became the most logical transition.   With the group collectively owning an FJ60, 2 FZJ80's, and 1 UZJ100, it was decided that a design would be created that the same rack platform would work for all three body styles- the only difference would be the towers used.   So we set out to create the first ever universal fit Land Cruiser roof rack, specifically designed for the Toyota Land Cruiser wagon platform. The goal was to incorporate a series of slotted mounting plates, and one of three tower configurations to make a rack system that would bolt to any FJ60/62, FJ/FZJ80, and UZJ100 series wagons.   That business model remains true today, as those three vehicle styles remain the most popular for Gamiviti roof racks, and being able to cover 1983 through 2007 model year Land Cruisers was not a bad place to start, and an even better one to continue to play in. So with that scope in mind, we designed the foundation from which an entire line of roof racks has been built, with that initial inspiration of a universal fit, low profile, and great functionality.   It's an original design we're still proud of today.     

Now more than 7 years after those first racks were built, we're still at it, still friends, and those first few racks are still in use.   We have added quite a few features over the years, and will continue to do so as our needs change and as time allows.   Time, demand, and our own insatiable creative spirit has brought with it additional body styles, as well as a myriad of additional options.  Today we also make racks for the 55 series and 70 series equipped with rain gutters, as well as the 120 series and 200 series Land Cruiser.  Our goal is and always will be to provide very high quality, very practical, and very original options to enhance the expedition of your vehicle, with the Land Cruiser remaining closest to our hearts. At Gamiviti it's as much about creativity and individuality as it is form and function.   We have always strived to be, and will continue to be, a different rack solution, with multiple unique features, allowing the customer to personalize options to best suit their needs.  The people who buy our racks do so because they want a Gamiviti rack.   

We make products we use ourselves, and we don't sell anything we don't like. It's a pretty simple business philosophy.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story, and check out our products.   

Have a new product idea? 

Most of the products you see on the site are completely original, meaning they were either our idea or an idea of someone else who contacted us.  If you have an idea for a cool product that you think would compliment the others you see here, the method for submission is quite simple:  fill out the form below and we'll give you feedback on our opinion of its viability, cost, etc.  Then if we produce it, we'll give it to you.   And then we will continue to sell them on the web site.

On the other hand, if you'd like to create your own product, we could also work out an arrangement with you to sell them here.

And in every case, any ideas we choose not to pursue remain yours.  Questions, idea submissions, and other comments can all be directed to for a prompt response. Thanks for taking the time to read our site.

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