40 Series Roof Racks

Another new product for 2019, Gamiviti is pleased to offer a complete roof rack package dedicated to the most iconic, capable, and authentic Land Cruiser of all, the 40 series. These racks are all original, designed specifically to fit the 40 styling, yet incorporating the same slotted plates, rain gutter towers, and stylings that make every rack we do a Gamiviti rack.

Every rack comes with 7 of our 45 degree rain gutter towers, and a set of custom taller 45 degree risers designed for the FJ40. There are three towers per side, and a single tower in the middle in the back, designed to provide ample support for a RTT off the back, while maintaining a more traditional basket in front. All pieces are powder coated 40% gloss black. Pricing starts at around $1100 for the rack and towers, with additional options including a full basket, grid floors, plastic grid panels, and awning receiver brackets available, also full crating and shipping is available to get this to you anywhere in the United States. Contact us at sales@gamiviti.com to get started on designing your own custom Gamiviti 40 rack.