Gamiviti is pleased to offer the Rotopax line of products to its customers.   These rotational molded water and gas cans have literally changed the industry, with their revolutionary new approach to longevity, liquid dispensing, and mouting options.  We stock the most common water and fuel cans, as well as mounting accessories, available for local pickup or free shipping on these items with any rack purchase.  For more products, and to order online, please check out https://rotopax.com/

2 Gallon Fuel Pack

All of the gas containers Rotopax manufactures for the United States are molded using their patented three layer design. This state of the art molding technique exceeds the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air and Research Board) requirements, making Rotopax the only Rotational molded EPA and CARB compliant container on the market. The Rotopax Gas containers are offered in various sizes depending on your needs. 1, 1.75, 2, 3, and 4 gallon. can be ordered directly from Rotopax.  The 2 gallon size is stocked and available for immediate pickup from Gamiviti.   Remember to vent the pax regularly.


2 Gallon Water Pack

White Water container, Spout included, Made in the USA

Roto-molded water can that is durable with thicker walls and stronger construction make it leak-proof along with a sure seal gasket to guarantee your spout wont leak or vibrate loose. The water and fuel cans can be stacked as well as combined at the bottoms, providing for a number of mounting solutions. 


Deluxe Pack Mount

We have found the Deluxe Pack Mount to be the easiest to operate and mount to a variety of surfaces, including Gamiviti roof racks, bumper swing-outs, and the Gamiviti receiver assessory mount.


Pack Mount Extension

This is how you double up your cans.. stacking two against each other in the same mounting position.