Make your life easy with a set of Gamiviti awning receiver brackets.   Compatible with just about every awning out there that uses poles, with a slotted bracket to mate to any extrusion spacing.   Once installed, you are able to put your awning  onto your vehicle in under one minute, by simply lining up the receivers, sliding it into place, then installing the hitch pins.   This gives you several advantages, the most noteworthy including:

  • Leave your awning in your garage or shed when you don't need it. The sun & weather will fatigue that cover. The added height is more clearance and wind drag, and the presence can sometimes attract unwanted attention... like that guy in the parking lot asking if that's for fishing rods.

  • Easily remove the awning when loading other gear onto your rack- no need to reach over the awning, wrestle straps behind it, or curse at it while you try to zip up that RTT cover. Just set it on the ground while you get all that other stuff squared away, then slide it back on and drive off.

Sold as sets, one set contains the male end, female end, hardware to secure the female end to your roof rack, the snap pin, and 1" shrink tubing for rattle elimination.   Parts come shrink wrapped, ready to install to your rack using common tools - a 7/32" hex wrench and 9/16" open end wrench.

2 sets is adequate for most ARB, CVT, even Foxwing Awnings...  3 sets is best if you like to overbuild things.  $15 shipping covers any quantity in the US, or bundle these with your rack purchase and pay no extra shipping.   For more tips on how to install, be sure to see the awning installation page.  

Roof Rack Receivers - with hardware