Spare tire Receiver system

Gamiviti is excited to announce a new set of products for 2017, another innovative solution to enhance your expedition, the spare tire receiver system.  It is actually three products; the Spare Receiver, Accessory Mount, and the Accessory Plate.   The three parts can be used together or separate, the idea being they become whatever spare tire accessory solution you need.   How it works is quite simple:

The spare receivers mount to any spare tire swing-out, between the carrier and your spare rim (some modifications may be required to allow clearance for anti-theft items).   This gives you a standard 2" receiver hitch in the center of your spare tire, allowing you to mount a variety of accessory items to an otherwise unused space on your truck.   The Accessory Mount goes into any 2" receiver hitch- including the one already on your bumper.  As it's likely impractical to mount another object so low, most will use this on the Spare Receiver in the spare tire, but using it in other receiver hitches is a possibility (think front bumper receivers).   Then the Accessory Plate bolts up to the Accessory Mount, essentially giving you a flat surface to bolt up other items.  It comes pre-drilled for what we though was most practical, see below:

First aid kits, spare fuel and water, bike racks, bumper dumpers...  whatever you desire with a 2" receiver can be mounted to these Spare Receivers, your only limitation is your imagination and the load rating of your rear bumper's spare carrier.   Holes in the flange are sized for all Toyota bolt patterns... from the 40 series to the current 200, and everything inbetween.   The 100 series 5-hole pattern is also slotted, to allow for other lug spacing as well.   if you have a question about fitment to your particular vehicle, please send us an email.   Parts all come powder coated, the spare receivers allow for both hitch pins or M12 bolts (included) to secure your accessory to your desired location, including every 90 degree position.

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2" Receiver Accessory Mount

The accessory mount allows you to attach just about anything to any standard 2" receiver hitch, including the spare tire receiver shown above.   This mount is a great addition to the Spare Receiver hitch, intended to attach Rotopax, OLS First Aid Kits, and any other item you may have that can be creatively bolted onto a square surface.   The pre-drilled holes are already spaced to mount to Rotopax Pax Mounts and the Outer Limit Supply quick-release system, as well as the Accessory Plate (shown below).   

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accessory mount accessory plate

Just as it sounds, it's a plate that bolts up to the accessory mount.   This plate provides you with the real estate you need to add just about any other item you feel you need to add to your spare tire receiver system, pre-drilled with mounting holes for both Hi Lift jacks and Max Tracks.    And if the hole you need isn't there, more holes are easily added yourself using a hand drill or drill press. 

Each plate comes with 4 sets of 5/16-18 stainless bolts, washers, lock washers and nuts, ready to bolt up to the your accessory mount.  Other accessories are sold separately, and/or sourced elsewhere.

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Outer Limit Supply compatible

The Gamiviti receiver accessory mounts were designed in partnership with Outer Limit Supply, for both the OLS quick release mount and mounting plates, enabling you to easily attach your OLS Weekend Warrior, Weekender, or Outback first aid kits to your 2" receiver.   You can purchase the quick release mount directly from OLS, as well as learn more about the product, here:!/Quick-Release-Mount/p/55396189/category=22719243

And here are some images of the quick release mount and mounting plate options, installed on the Gamiviti receiver accessory mount.    The quick release mount will bolt up using the existing holes, some drilling of the plate is required to fit the larger plate.

Rotopax compatible

Holes in the 2" receiver accessory mount are spaced to allow you to bolt this to any Rotopax mount, enabling you to easily attach a number of Rotopax products to your receiver hitch, and of course when combined with the Spare Receiver, your spare tire.    Now you can easily mount your fuel and water cans to your spare tire, allowing you to carry extra fluids on the back bumper without the need for an additional set of swing-out accessories.

Max Trax compatible

Yes, owners of Max Trax, Treds, and other recovery tracks now have another for transporting them, using a combination of the accessory plate and 2" receiver accessory mount inserted to any standard 2" receiver hitch, and when combined to the Spare Receiver, their swing-out spare tire.   Holes in the accessory plate have already been positioned to provide users a place to add bolts to support the tracks, and additional holes for tie-downs, bungees, or ratchet straps.  

Hi Lift Compatible

Yes, even your hi lift jack can be bolted up, using the pre-drilled holes in the accessory plate.   Use either a Hi Lift hood Mount (available from Hi Lift) or your own creative assortment of robust nuts and bolts to attach your jack to the accessory plate.  And when combined with the 2" accessory mount and spare receiver, your your jack on the outside of your spare tire.   

Trasharoo compatible

What about your Trasharoo?   No need to fret, simply extend your straps a little bit and run the Trasharoo over your other spare tire accessories.  In fact, that trasharoo will help keep some of the dust and dirt off your other items.   To access, you can either reach in from the side (to remove a OLS quick release) or just unclip the Trasharoo straps for full access.   

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Standard disclaimer:  these accessory products, and all Gamiviti products for that matter, allow you to trick out your ride, add to your build, and enhance your expedition in a way that is custom and personal to you.  That is the spirit and intent of each of them.   They also allow you to make bad decisions, putting yourself and others at risk.  If you are unsure about how to properly mount and use a  jack, roof rack, light bar, or anything else for that matter, sold here or elsewhere, please seek help.   If asked, we'll go out of our way here to provide sound advice and guidance, but know in the end the choices you make and the modifications done to your truck are yours and yours alone, and you hold Gamiviti harmless of any liability of your actions.