Several Toyota & Lexus vehicles find themselves with a broken power seat from time to time, and the most common causes of these are missing white caps, and stripped gears. The white caps can work themselves out of their little housing through use, and once they fall out continued seat use will damage the gear inside, since missing cap has made the shaft and gear inside no longer in alignment with the worm gear.

Originally developed for 1993-1997 Toyota Land Cruisers and Lexus LX450’s, these parts have been known to also repair the Supra, Solara, 4Runner, and other vehicles made in the 1990’s by Toyota.  

To see if you're missing a white cap, just look under your seat from outside the vehicle, towards the front of the seat. You should see the little cap threaded inside the gear housing, shown to the left and above. If you see a hole, then voila, you need a new white cap.

To inspect your passenger seat, you first need to remove the seat as the cap location is up against your transmission hump- it's just 4 bolts with your 14mm socket, and make sure you unplug the wiring underneath once you can tip the seat back. 

The material used for these is an injection molded in a self-lubricating POM material, using custom designs and tooling proprietary to Gamiviti.   These caps are gears are the closest approximation available to the original stock cap, and your best, most affordable chance available to restore that sliding function to your Land Cruiser's power seats.

For seats that have been forced to slide front to back for some time without the white cap in place, odds are good the gears are stripped and/or worn to the point where they are no longer effective. The solution for this is to dismantle the lower gear assembly, press off the old gear from the metal shaft it's pressed to, then press on a new gear. Installation takes someone with average mechanical skills about an hour per seat.  If you can change your own oil, you can swap both your white caps and your gears. 

Prices include USPS postage, shipped worldwide.  Best value is 2 caps and 2 gears, which is usually enough to repair both seats.  For this option, click the button below:   For orders outside the US, please also select the International Shipping button, to help cover the additional postage.    If you are at all hesitant about fitment with your vehicle, our standing offer is a free refund if you find they are in fact different from what you expected- your only risk is the return shipping.

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2 Gears and 2 Caps - $40

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Click here to download the installation instructions.

These caps and gears have successfully restored the forward and back motion of several Land Cruiser seats, literally hundreds, in more than 20 countries worldwide.  However every vehicle is different, particularly older vehicles that have had multiple owners, on a body that style is now 20+ years old.   They are a cheap solution to an expensive problem.   For more than 95% of its installs these new parts work great, and the few lingering issues are almost always caused by improper technique with installation.  As we can not control all of the variables that go into your seat repair, we are unable to guarantee these parts for any period of time.   However, if you're unsatisfied, or if you have additional questions, just email us and we'll do our best to work with you.

For those who don't wish to purchase 2 of each, need extras, or just want to purchase additional parts, we offer the following additional purchase options...

International Shipping - please also click the "add to cart" button below.   This is for all orders outside the US, thank you. 

1 seat contains 2 gears and 1 white end cap. Generally, it is only necessary to replace one of the gears, as the gear nearest the missing white cap is the one that strips out first. However on some seats the gear opposite the white cap can also be worn and in need of replacement. So if you want to be sure you have all the parts you need for all parts in both seats, you will need 4 gears and 2 caps.

4 Gears and 2 Seat Caps - $65
2 Gears and 2 Caps - $40
2 Seat Caps - $15
1 seat gear - $20
1 seat gear and 1 cap - $25

Installation Tips

  • Read the instructions.   Take your time, pay attention to what you're taking off and where it goes, so you can put it all back the same way.

  • Heat the gears- use hot water. Could also put a torch on the metal shaft, but you don't necessarily want to melt the gear, just make it soft enough so that it doesn't break when pressing the shaft into it.

  • Tilt the seat up before unhooking the power. This makes it easier to access those two philips screws that hold the front panel on.


Remember the cap should not be in tight- it should not put any pressure on the shaft, but rather allow the shaft to shift side to side a little bit.   Often times the threads on the plastic housing are worn, from the shaft shoving the white cap out repeatedly.   So to compensate for this, some have been successful adding a little Teflon tape to the outer threads of the cap, to add interference, or drilling a small hole and adding a small screw to prevent any rotation or movement.  See the below photos..