Racks for your land cruiser with rain gutter towers

Rain gutters are that outer rim around the perimeter of your roof, over your doors, onto which you can bolt a rain gutter tower. This page highlights the options that are unique to all rain gutter tower racks, including the 55, 60. 70, and 80 series Land Cruiser. We’ll do our best to explain all of the options in the words and pictures that follow.

3 or 4 towers per side

Fairly obvious, but on all rain gutter towers we allow the option to run either 3 or 4 towers per side, and space those equidistantly along your rack. Most racks and applications are just fine with just 3 towers per side, and for most folks that is plenty. If you tend to run on the heavy side (gear-wise), and think you want to run a RTT a lot, or put a lot of tires, fuel, water, and other accessories on the rack, then you would be better served running 4 per side. There is an aesthetic benefit also, as some prefer the looks of one over the other. More towers spreads your load across more areas, which can be particularly useful in sudden stops. if you’re on the fence between 3 and 4 towers, just ask us for a recommendation and we’ll do our best to talk you into one way or another based on the information you provide.

We can also give you extra plates, which can be a great solution for additional attachment points, or just a stepping stone in the center of the rack.

expo up

Running Expo up means the Expo bar is higher than the main flat rack portion of the rack. This provides easier loose gear containment and great looks, a more traditional rack setup.  It also means a higher vehicle height and more wind drag, and complications with some roof top tents.   A wind fairing is not a bolt-up option when you run the Expo up, though it’s possible to add one below the Expo bar, connected to the main hoop- to do this we add additional light tabs, angled down.

Additionally, we offer three versions of the Expo-up bar; straight up, flared out, and tapered back. These differences are mostly cosmetic, but allow you to choose the look you like the best.

Most popular Expo up option is the smaller Expo rack, but we do also offer the Expo+, Expo++, and Expo+++ configurations for racks running Expo up, as well as flat racks.

expo down

Running Expo down means the Expo bar is lower than the main flat rack portion of the rack. The front Expo bar serves to support the wind fairing, and side cutouts are added to the  Expo bar to allow fitment and access for the front and/or middle towers.    Benefits to the Expo down include an easy bolt-on fairing solution, also lower clearance and no interference with roof top tents.

When you run Expo down you don’t get the options of flared back or straight up, they are all tapered. This allows for clearance across the front above the windshield, the sloped front to support the fairing, and clearance on the sides to clear the roof. Also running Expo down creates some interference with the rain gutter towers, so to accommodate that we can either stop the Expo bar short of the tower plate, or provide a side cutout to allow the clearance. We can also customize these with both square and sloped side transitions, however you like. Flip through the following images for more information and a better understanding of all the Expo down options.

The 60 and 80 series rack are different in size, but in terms of options for the Expo bars they are the same, so you will see a mixture in the gallery below.

side cutouts

Side cutouts are how we can allow an Expo rack to be run in the “down” position, yet still provide the clearance required for the towers, as well as access to the tower hardware during installation. An additional benefit is each angle is gusseted, providing a number of attachment points across the side of the rack. The result is a flat rack on top, and a series of grab handles and attachment points along the sides.

FREE Shipping on Accessories

Gamiviti offers a full line of accessories for your new roof rack. Order your rack and accessories together to save. We offer free shipping of all accessories when purchased with your rack order.  When you place your order, or inquire us for a custom quote, we’ll send you back a detailed list of accessories to choose from and also work with you to understand your needs, so we can match your ideal configuration and make sure there are no surprises.