Below are some installation tips helpful for Gamiviti products.

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Roof Rack Installation

These instructions are for a 100, 120, and 200 series with 3 towers per side, but generally apply to all vehicles with the roof channel towers.  

Start by putting the towers together, see the above picture for a guide.  The front towers do the 3rd highest setting, the back do the second highest, that's a good start.  The middle don't use the center height bolt, just put it together as low as it will possibly go.   Note how the front tower has the top that goes in front of the bottom, while the back tower has the top part behind the bottom, that's to help compensate for the taper of your roof.

Bolt all the towers to the rack, using a little silicone on the bolt holes.  If you don't have the stock rubber pads, you can use some rubber washers between the roof and tower.   Only finger tighten the towers, just in case you need to slide one.  Then have someone help you lift the rack in place, and put all the top bolts through, the whole thing should be very symmetrical.  To tighten, do the top bolts first, second the M8 bolts into the roof, and third the center tower bolts.  Last thing to tighten is those 4 height adjusters.  

You should have 2 sets of 1/4-20 height adjuster bolts left over, from the middle towers.    Keep those, use them for your lights.   

Fairing Installation

Fairings come in one size, and pre-drilled for a variety of applications.   You won't use all of the holes.   

For bolt-on fairings, use 4 pipe clamps across the top of the fairing, to secure to the main hoop of the roof rack.   The other two clamps install on the lower Expo bar, spaced about 12" from the center.   These lower clamps do not need to be bolted through the fairing, they are mainly there to prevent vibration.  One tip is to twist & force the fairing into the lower clamps while tightening the tops, to give the fairing a little more down force, however generally the oncoming wind is all you need here.   If desired, you can drill holes through the fairing to secure the lower clamps, but this is generally not necessary.  

80, 100, and 200 series fairings with the snap-on attachment will bolt theirs up in this configuration... if you have the drop-down feature for the light bar, you will use the lower center hole.  If you do not have the drop-down, you will use the higher center hole.  Use your hand to bend the clips to achieve a tighter or looser grip to the rack.    Same notes apply for the 120 series.  

120 Series fairings with the snap-on attachment will bolt theirs up in this configuration... note 2 additional holes are required, for the outer clamps on the bottom.