Another new product for 2019, we now offer a Gamiviti branded hammock for your enjoyment. It’s a different kind of recovery gear, the best kind. Great for lunch breaks on the trail, a quick swing to occupy the kids during the recovery effort up ahead, relaxing at camp, even sleeping inside.  Parachute nylon material, nylon ropes, available in blue and green, comes with clips at both ends so you can secure the rope to your roof rack at one end, and clip the other to a nearby tree, rock, or friend’s truck.

  • Nylon material, blue or green color, weather and stain resistant.

  • Capable of holding over 800 pounds- if 4 people in a hammock sounds like a good idea to you, go for it.

  • 320cm x 150cm when deployed- it’s plenty long enough for a tall person, plenty wide enough for everyone, you can pull the sides up around you and disappear into it.

  • Stuff sack becomes your drink holder- best for beverages with lids.

  • Weighs less than 2 pounds, stores inside its own stuff sack, about the size of a small bag of chips.

  • Sets up in seconds- just use the clips to secure to your rack or wrap around an object, or attach to another rope, recovery strap, or ratchet strap for even more versatility.

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