Moki Door Steps

Gamiviti has teamed up with Rightline Gear to offer its customers their patented Moki door step. This is one of those “where have you been all my life” great ideas… as you can now instantly give yourself some additional height when accessing your roof rack. Securing gear, zipping up the RTT, and pulling down the skis & bikes has never been easier.

  • Dimensions: 8.75" L x 3" W x 5.25" H

  • Aircraft grade aluminum with 400lb weight capacity

  • Universal fit for all vehicles in both front and rear doors

  • Includes: Door Step and set up guide

Simply hook the step into one of the vehicle’s u-shaped door latches. The Step’s rubber bumper and coated hook protect your vehicle’s door frame. Store the Step in your drawer system, glove box, behind the seat or spare tire compartment when not in use. Just remember to remove the step before slamming the door… price is $45, ships for free when bundled with your roof rack.

And here’s a suggestion for where to put it in the vehicle- simply unbolt one of those plastic steps at the 2nd row door opening, and run a nylon strap underneath it- something that will cinch to itself with some type of buckle or hook&loop system. Then simply place the step on top of it, tighten the strap, and you’re done. Now the step is secure, won’t move around on you, can still be stepped on if needed to reach the 3rd row area, but is easily within reach when needed.