Tire Tables from TailGater

This is one of those great ideas that just makes sense- we all need a small table from time to time, but getting something that is always stable, the right height for eating from camping chairs, and compact enough to store can be a challenge.   Presenting the TailGater Tire Table... this clever little table folds flat (less than 1" thick) and sets up in seconds, using your tire as its legs.   Can be installed on any tire, even your spare on the swing-out..   strong enough to cook on, cut on, or a great project table for anything from knocking out a few emails on the laptop, to changing batteries on the RC Crawler.   

Price is $139.99, includes everything you need to use your Tire Table right away, including an additional fold-down leg for heavier needs.   It's not a ladder.   It's not a chair.   And it's definitely not a traction ramp... but when used as intended it's an awesome light duty table that is quick & easy to set up and use.