Recovery Tracks

Another common question we receive is “how do I mount my Maxtracks to my Gamiviti rack?” Well that is a good question, so we’re happy to take little time to explain our top recommendations.

Track Bag

We’ll start with our favorite- the recovery track bag from Blue Ridge Overland Gear. This solution has several advantages that make it better than, and different from, all others:

  • Can be mounted just about anywhere on the rack, using the supplied straps. Additionally, the straps will slide into the slots of the mounting plates on your Gamiviti rack, adding even additional security for keeping that bag where you want it.

  • Low key, low profile, doesn’t advertise “look at me I’m an overlander” when you’re at the school play. So you look cooler, and your recovery tracks are less likely to be stolen.

  • Can be used inside the vehicle- sometimes after the recovery you just gotta go… and this bag will help keep most of that snow and mud from running into all your other gear in the truck, should you decide not to put it back up on the rack.

  • Super fast to deploy- all you need to do is loosen two straps and you can slide up to 4 tracks out of the bag in seconds.

To order a recovery track bag, simply visit that page here on the site! Remember, all accessories ship for free with your rack.

Side mount from Rhino

Rhino products has a solution for mounting Maxtrax and other recovery tracks to the side of the rack at a 75 degree angle, which is a bolt-on solution for your Gamiviti rack. This is the 43159 Recovery Track Side Bracket. We provide the additional hardware needed (spacer washers, fender washers, longer bolts) for free when you order this from us, and like everything it will ship for free with your roof rack. This is just the bracket, so to fully utilize this you’ll need to add either the mounting pin set from Maxtrax, or the knob set from Rhino, we recommend the pins. The brackets already have the width you need built in, all you need to do is mount them about 35” apart, which is easy to do with the generous slots found in the mounting plates, mated to the slots in your roof rack plates.

Price for the bracket is $124, remember if we’re also building your rack this will ship for free along with it… if you’ve already got your rack, then order one today by clicking this button.

custom light tabs

If you want a little more customization then we can weld some light tabs to your rack, into which you will bolt the Maxtrax pins, or something else that does a similar function. The spacing is no secret- 270mm x 890mm, or as we like to call it 10 5/8” x 35”. The advantage of this method is it’s relatively cheap, and when you remove the pins the tabs are completely out of your way. The downside is we need to add this to your rack design, so it isn’t something that can be added later, and you have to be committed to that exact location. But yes, it’s an option.