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Now that you’ve read all there is to know about racks that use rain gutter towers, you’re ready to make a few selections to get your custom rack build under way. This page applies to every Gamiviti rack that uses the rain gutter towers (except the FJ40, that one gets its own page). Use this page to select options for your 55, 60, and 80 series Land Cruisers- for 70 owners there are a couple different tops so better to hit us up outside this page to make sure we get the best solution for you.

And of course if you’d like to first discuss your build or application, feel free to contact us and we can provide you a custom quote & drawing. Otherwise if you feel you’ve got a handle on what you want and would like to get your order going right away, you can choose to purchase here from the website. And don’t worry, if you order from the site we’ll still confirm back exactly what we’re building so there are no surprises, no there’s no risk in making a bad selection.

Start with the rack

Start with the flat rack- every rack begins with the main flat rack, which includes 3 towers per side. This price includes powder coating, 6 towers, all the hardware you need for the towers and to connect the towers to the rack and the rack to the truck. We’ll add the shipping estimate to your order when we confirm back what you have selected below.

Select rack style
Choose body style

4 plates/towers per side

Next choose if you’d like to add the 4th tower/plate option. This includes the additional 4th plate, 2 more towers, and all the additional hardware required for the towers and to attach the towers to the rack. One note with rain gutter racks compared to the roof channel racks is when you select 4 per side we’re going to move the plates so they are equally spaced along the rack. This is different from those 100/200 guys, as we need to put them over the holes in their roof channels and the 4th plate winds up being just behind the most forward plate. So if you’d like to run 4 towers per side, equally spaced, just click the button.

expo up

If you’re getting a flat rack you can skip this part. The default with rain gutter racks is that you’ll run Expo up. That means your Expo bar sticks up higher than the main flat rack portion. If this is what you’d like to do, awesome. We have three styles of Expo-up to offer you, the default and most common is to have it flared out on the sides and in front. An alternative to that is to have the Expo bar go straight up, to match the profile of the flat rack below. And a third option is to have it taper back in front, with the sides directly above the sides of the flat rack. You saw pictures of this on the Rain Gutter Rack page, choose which one you’d like from the menu below.

Expo Style

Expo Down cutouts

If you are getting a flat rack, or running Expo up, you can skip this part. But if you’d like the option of running Expo down, then here’s where you choose how many side cutouts you want. We can get a little creative here… for example for the smaller Expo rack if you want 0 cutouts we can end that Expo bar before the first plate in front, so there’s no need for a cutout. alternatively on a smaller Expo rack if you want one cutout, we will put the cutout around the front plate to clear the forward tower, then bring the Expo bar back and end it before the next plate. The geometry of the Expo bars will also change based on if you’re running 3 towers per side or 4, as the spacing between 4 is smaller. Remember don’t worry too much about this, you’re going to get a drawing back that shows you exactly where the cutouts start and end, and it’s easy to make changes… this section, and this entire page for that matter, is mainly intended to give you a more realistic idea of the costs of the options available to you.

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Expo down, light bar opening

One more decision for racks running Expo down is do you want the provision to add a light bar behind the fairing. If so, then there are two basic options for this, as you saw on the roof rack page. If you’d like the cut style, please choose that option below. Also there’s a drop-down menu for you to tell us what your intentions are relative to light bars.

Select Light Bar Option
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For any Expo rack, you can add side gussets to give yourself more attachment options. You already saw this on the roof rack page, so we won’t get to into that here… Expo racks can run 1 per side, Expo+ can run 3 per side, and Expo++ and Expo+++ can run 4 per side. If you’re getting an Expo down rack, then you can skip this part as the side cutouts already come with gussets.

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sunroof opening

Click add to cart below to add a sunroof opening to your rack.

sunroof opening filler

Choose one of the following options to add an option to fill your sunroof opening

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grid floors and baskets

Choose any amount of the options here to add a grid floor or drop basket to your rack.

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FREE Shipping on Accessories

Gamiviti also offers a full line of accessories for your new roof rack. Order your rack and accessories together to save. We offer free shipping of all accessories when purchased with your rack order.